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I knew him

December 16, 2012 2 comments

Like most of the nation, I’ve spent the past few days trying to make sense of the horrific events that transpired at Sandy Hook Elementary. And like all of you, I can’t. It’s impossible to figure out what motivates certain people to commit unspeakable acts of terror against those they don’t even know.

Whenever one of these shooting occurs, and they seem to happen far too frequently, I think about the people in my life. Do I know anyone capable of committing such a heinous act? Could I ever find myself in a mental state where I would choose to not only take my life, but the lives of innocents around me?

Whenever I start this process, I go back to one young man who I grew up with. For the sake of his family, I will only call him “Paul”.

Paul and I grew up together. We were never friends, barely acquaintances. But we went to school and daycare together and saw one another grow up.

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