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May 23, 2014 3 comments

This thought flashed in my head during the most recent Mother’s Day Weekend as my Facebook feed was flooded with people proclaiming their love for their mother: How can SO many people have the “best mother in the world”? Clearly, they can’t. And I mean that in a purely simplistic and literal interpretation of the phrase. It is physically impossible for us ALL to have the “best” anything.

That’s easy to determine when you’re talking about mothers, or fathers, or lovers, or friends. Because one person’s “best” is the next person’s total stranger. It gets a little harder to quantify when you’re talking about things. Are the Yankees the “best” baseball team? Well, you could make a pretty damn good argument they are based on titles won, fan enthusiasm, ticket sales, ratings and a myriad of other tangible and quantifiable items. But try convincing a Red Sox fan the Yankees are the “best”.

What about food? In my experience I had the best taco in the world at a dumpy little place outside Charleston, SC – but I haven’t had a taco at every place in the world. And for every five people like me, who left this dumpy taco shop thoroughly satisfied, there’s probably one or two who were disappointed. The same goes for movies, wine, beer, bagels etc. One man’s ceiling truly is another man’s floor.

So maybe, the next time we post to Facebook that we all have the “best” something, we should add a simple qualifier: “to me”.

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