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Love, Actually

January 6, 2012 7 comments

I’m a chick-flick kind of guy. No, not “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” kind of chick flick – I mean their pants don’t “travel” off their bodies, right? I’m talking rom-coms, which I guess are their own chick flick subgenre.

Give me my wife, a bottle of wine, Meg Ryan, and call it a Saturday night.

My all-time favorite rom-com has to be Love Actually. It’s quirky, sentimental, has a killer cast, and let’s be honest; everything is cooler with British accents.

SN: want a great drinking game? Take a sip (or chug) every time a character in the film says “actually”. It’s A LOT! 

The wife and I have watched Love Actually once a year, usually around the holidays, since we first started dating.

We quote the lines: “I HATE Uncle Jamie”, we laugh, we don’t cry, but we certainly snuggle.

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My first post

January 6, 2012 1 comment

I did it; I finally decided to take the plunge. No, I’m not talking about my recent marriage (although I will); I’m referring to this blog.

I’ve been a sharer my entire life. Ask my friends. Hell, I even told my high school girl friends (notice the lack of a compound word)  about the first time I, um, “discovered my man parts”. Don’t worry I’ll leave that alone, for now.

Honestly, it’s amazing I’ve lasted this long without a blog: I like to write, I have A LOT to say, and I love hearing opposing opinions. I think it was more fear than anything. Fear of what you ask? Well, you all of course. The judgmental faces peering through their screens and into my life. And also the thought that no one would give a shit what I have to say so why bother?

But I guess that’s the beauty of this thing we call the interwebs, I can write whatever I want and you all can either read it or not…but I hope you do.

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